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It should go without saying, but the federal government takes its taxes very seriously. So much so that the department tasked with hunting down every last dime of revenue from taxpaying citizens is so meticulous and ruthless that it’s among the most disliked institutions in the U.S. If you have a problem involving the IRS, you need professional legal assistance.

At Alpha Tax Relief Specialists L.L.C., our attorneys and accountants can help with any of the following:

If you have a tax-related problem you need assistance with and don’t see it listed here, rest assured that our attorneys and accountants for resolving tax issues near Baton Rouge have the skill it takes to provide the assistance you need. Take advantage of a free initial consultation with our tax specialists to tell us about your situation and learn more about how our services may be able to help you resolve a tax problem.

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You might think it’s counter-intuitive to seek pricey legal services when you’re already low on cash because of your tax debt. Despite being a common assumption, most people are better off having an attorney help them get the IRS off their back in the long run.

Alpha Tax Relief Specialists L.L.C. goes a few steps beyond what other tax specialists do by offering flexible payment plans and even discounts to our clients. If you are in need of legal services but can’t afford them out of pocket, we can set up an arrangement with a lower down payment followed by monthly installments.

If we can take you on as a client and within seven days you can provide us with all of the information and documentation we need to help you resolve your tax issues in Baton Rouge, we will honor a discount of our services.

If you want to learn more about our discount or flexible payment plan options, please contact us online.

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  • Danette is the finest tax preparer and financial advisor I have ever known.

    “Danette is the finest tax preparer and financial advisor I have ever known.”

    - Ron B.
  • She is an experienced tax professional working to make the tax code fair...

    “She is an experienced tax professional working to make the tax code fair...”

    - Deb A.
  • Danette is top notch...

    “Danette is top-notch at what she does”

    - Amanda F.
  • Thank you!

    “With the help of Alpha Tax Relief Specialists, I was able to rest easy at night knowing that my business was saved. Thank you for everything!”

    - Previous Client

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