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Is the IRS Threatening You with a Lien, Levy, or Another Collection Action?

The IRS is relentless and ruthless when it comes to collecting unpaid taxes, and much of what you own – including your home – can effectively be taken from you as payment. If you have received a letter from the IRS informing you that it will take action to collect your tax debt, immediately contact our attorneys and accountants at Alpha Tax Relief Specialists L.L.C. for help.

We have more than 80 years of combined experience in helping people stop the IRS from placing liens against their property or initiating wage and bank levies to collect upon unpaid taxes. Learn more about how we can help and the personalized service we offer during a free initial consultation.

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Your Right to Due Process Against IRS Collection Actions

You have the right to due process before the IRS can initiate a collection action against you. This mean you must have been properly notified of your tax liability to the IRS and given an opportunity to appeal its assessment of your taxes or to challenge a collection action before it begins.

If you believe the IRS has made an error in assessing your tax liability or is violating your right to due process, turn to our tax specialists for stopping tax collection in Baton Rouge for assistance.

Can the IRS Really Place a Lien on My Home?

Yes. The IRS can place a lien against your home in and force you to sell it in order to satisfy your tax debt. With few exceptions, the lien must be satisfied by your home equity before you can sell or refinance your property.

Typically, there are only a few ways an IRS lien will be released:

  • Paying your overdue tax bill in full
  • Negotiating an offer in compromise
  • Surpassing the statute of limitations (an unlikely scenario)
  • Engage the IRS in a due process hearing if you believe the lien was filed in error

Wage & Bank Levies From the IRS

Other collection actions the IRS to which the IRS can subject you include levies of your earned wages and bank account. This means the IRS will intercept your paychecks and/or dig into your bank accounts to satisfy your outstanding tax liability.

  • A wage levy will involve the IRS ordering your employer to withhold some of your earnings and route them to the federal government to satisfy your tax debt. While private creditors can garnish your wages in this manner with a court order, the IRS needs no such judicial permission.
  • A bank levy is typically the IRS’s last resort when it needs to collect unpaid taxes. This collection action involves the IRS seizing your bank accounts and using their funds to pay off your tax debt. After a bank levy has commenced, you will have 21 days to release it before the IRS takes the funds it needs to satisfy your debt.

As with any and all collection actions, you must be notified that a levy will be placed against you in advance. You are likely to receive several letters from the IRS warning you that a levy will commence. After you have received a final notice, there will be a 30-day period before the IRS will begin its levy, which will endure until your tax liability is satisfied.

Our attorneys and accountants for stopping tax collection in Baton Rouge can help you fight against levies of your wages and bank accounts. In most cases, the best way to stop a levy when you can’t afford to pay your debt outright is to negotiate an installment agreement or offer in compromise with the IRS.

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